Age Care: the French experience

Age Care
30 delegates
October 2019
A Japanese delegation visits a French assisted living community in the South of France.
The week of November 7th, 2019, thirty Japanese delegates came to France to discover the organization of the French age care system. At the Villa Medicis in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, the delegation discovered the secrets of a family business dedicated to the well-being of elderly people.

Medicis' nine assisted living communities are located throughout France. The residence of Saint-Laurent-du-Var is a typical example of the services offered by the private group: independent apartments, with one to three rooms, located in a secure setting dedicated to well-ageing. With its gourmet restaurant open to the local population, its well-being, culture and health services on site, the residents have direct access to solutions for all of their needs.

Thanks to their tailored infrastructure, the Medicis facilities provide adapted help for those losing their autonomy : access to home care service, and to support for organizing medical check-ups and even hospital at home when necessary. Each resident pays an "all inclusive" rent according to their dwelling.
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