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Innovation in the delivery of care for older adults

7 participants
April 2021
The very enriching discussions and the shared advice and tools allowed participants to think about the possible development of these alternative models of care in their own facilities.
On the 16th of April 2021, Dialog Health organised a conference in partnership with Idealco and AD-PA about innovation in the delivery on care for older adults with the participation of two special guests: Rutger de Graaf, healthcare innovation manager at Pennemes, a Dutch care home and Francis Lacoste, one of the founders of the Village Landais Alzheimer in France.

Both experts shared the best practices implemented at Pennemes and at the Village Landais Alzheimer, presented their successes and reviewed the challenges faced in implementing these innovative facilities for people suffering with Alzheimer's disease or severe neurocognitive disorders.

Pennemes' strategy (Netherlands) is simple: increase the daily interactions of the residents with nature, as well inhouse with the acquisition of numerous plants as outdoor with a little garden and a farm. The staff is encouraging the older adults to go outside at least once a day, and volunteers step in to organize nature-walks or bring in their pets. There are lots of publications demonstrating the impact of nature on health and the benefits of nature-assisted innovations: nature supports the healing process, helps fight stress, improves breathing and connectedness. Growing your own vegetables allows a healthy diet, playing with animals and cuddle-therapy have a demonstrated impact on the mood and being outside increases the activity.

Launched in June 2020, the Village Landais Alzheimer (France) is the world's first Alzheimer's Village spearheaded by the public sector and is a new home for 120 people with neurocognitive disorders. They can count with the support of 120 care workers and 120 volunteers, as well as with the company of the citizens of Dax. The Village Landais Alzheimer is an attractive new neighborhood offering Dax citizens with a new media library, a children's playground, a concert hall, gardens, hairdresser, and a very dynamic social life. Restoring normality to the daily life of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease is the main goal of the French Alzheimer's Village, that is mixing urban planning and dementia care.

Participants also benefited from the pre-recorded content of the case studies (eJourney) dedicated to the projects. Visit to discover our virtual case studies "Silver meets green: nature-assisted aged care innovations in the Netherlands" and "The Village Landais Alzheimer: reshaping dementia care".

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