Carpe Diem Web Training

  • Online
  • Aged Care
  • 80 participants
  • 10 December 2021
The web training organized by Dialog Health on December 10, 2021 gave more than 80 participants the opportunity to discover this approach developed in Quebec, and its variations and applications in France.

Through its philosophy and a unique form of support, Carpe Diem - Alzheimer's Resource Center wishes to change the way people suffering from Alzheimer's disease or a related illness are viewed, to dispel the prejudices surrounding the disease and, consequently, to bring about a positive change in the practices of people with cognitive loss.

Nicole Poirier, instigator of the Carpe Diem approach in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, introduced how people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are accompanied along a health care continuum, from home to her institution. Respect for the freedom of individuals is central to the Carpe Diem approach. This is possible thanks to the training of professionals and a proactive management approach.

Three French organizations then shared how they promote the Carpe Diem approach in France. Blandine Prévost, founder of the Ama Diem association and of the Crolles houses, insisted on the importance of an appropriate life environment modeled on private homes.

The Ama Vitae team emphasized the role of the residents themselves in the co-design of the house and the organization of daily life in accordance with the Carpe Diem approach. Audrey Corneglia-Perez, director of Les Fontenelles facility, underlined the necessary evolution of public health care facilities and their teams to adopt this new philosophy.

Finally, Fany Cérèse, architect (Atelier AA), presented how the housing approach must go beyond building structures to nurture organizations and skills.

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