Healthcare innovation: the Singapore experience

  • Singapore
  • Healthcare
  • 18 delegates
  • March 2024
From March 15 to 22, 2024, the French delegation from the CRAPS Think Tank undertook a study mission to Singapore, organized by Dialog Health, aimed at deepening understanding of the mechanisms of the Singaporean healthcare system.
During this week, the CRAPS Think Tank delegation immersed themselves in an in-depth exploration of the Singaporean healthcare and social security system. The objective was to grasp the nuances of its functioning, analyze its responses to contemporary challenges, and identify its innovations and future directions in healthcare.

On Monday, March 17, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, where Dr. Kai Hong Phua presented the local healthcare system. A roundtable moderated by Dr. JJ Woo allowed speakers, including Ms. Sarah Loh, Director of Financial Partnerships and Governance at the Healthcare Finance Group, and Alex Lee, President of the Singapore Actuarial Society, to exchange views with the French delegates. In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation visited the Ng TENG FONG General Hospital, a facility of the JurongHealth Campus. Guided by Mr. Ng Kian Swa, the hospital's Chief Operating Officer, the delegates were able to appreciate how this institution, integrated into the National University Health System (NUHS), is rethinking care standards in the western region of Singapore with its 700 beds and modern infrastructure.

On Tuesday, March 18, the delegation visited the Changi General Hospital (CGH), a renowned hospital with 1000 beds, focused on medical research and innovation. Discussions covered various topics, including attention to the well-being of healthcare professionals and the successful integration of healthcare services within local communities. The afternoon was dedicated to a visit to the Senkang General Hospital (SGH), a 1400-bed hospital inaugurated in 2018, deeply rooted in its community. SGH has implemented a real-time location system, illustrating the crucial importance of technology in modern healthcare facility management. These two institutions, members of the SingHealth cluster, provide remarkable examples of innovation and resilience in the face of common challenges such as labor shortages and population ageing. Their commitment to medical excellence and proactive approach offer valuable lessons for the evolution of healthcare systems.

On Wednesday morning, the delegation explored innovative research conducted by the National University Hospital of Singapore, focusing on initiatives from the NUHS Innovation Transfer Office and the Innovation Centre - National University Health System. The visit to the smart ward provided a concrete insight into technological advancements in healthcare. In the afternoon, delegates met with members of the AIC Agency for Integrated Care, who coordinate elderly care services. This meeting facilitated a better understanding of the Singaporean healthcare system and its challenges.

The last day was dedicated to digital health, with meetings with various sector stakeholders, in partnership with HealthTEC.SG. Delegates learned about initiatives from the Singapore Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC.SG) and the National Health Innovation Centre Singapore (NHIC), the Centre for Healthcare Innovation, a presentation on the landscape of private insurance, as well as presentations from several healthcare startups.

This international study mission allowed participants to analyze the strategies deployed by Singapore's healthcare system actors to meet the imperatives of territorial cooperation. We express our gratitude to all our hosts for their warm welcome and these enriching exchanges.
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