Supporting the elderly: the experience of the Netherlands
  • Netherlands
  • Aged-care
  • 25 delegates
  • November 2023
From 7 to 9 November 2023, a French delegation took part in a study visit to the Netherlands. The aim of this international study trip, organized in partnership with the Isère département, was to discover the latest innovations in support for the elderly and to draw inspiration from them.
From 7 to 9 November 2023, 25 participants came together for a fact-finding mission to the Netherlands, to discover innovative care structures for the elderly. `
After an initial introduction to the local medico-social system by our experts, Émilie Lebée-Thomas and Caroline Vaillant de Guelis, the first stage of the mission was a visit to the Hogeweyk Alzheimer's Village.

The Hogeweyk Dementia Village, part of the Alzheimer care centre, sees itself as a "city within a city". Comprising 23 personalised houses, it offers a home to 152 elderly people living with Alzheimer's disease. Each house is adapted to the history and lifestyle of its residents, offering six different lifestyles.

Under the guidance of Eloy VAN HAL, Senior Advisor, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily life of this extraordinary village. The residents, living in an adapted environment, manage their daily lives with the support of a constant team of professionals. From housekeeping to daily activities, each home functions autonomously, recreating a normal living experience despite the challenges of the disease.

The tour included a detailed presentation of the village and an in-depth exploration of its unique facilities. From the Hogeweyk market, where daily purchases are made, to the internal workings of the homes, participants discovered the intricacies of the design and operation of this innovative village.

The tour continued with a visit to EHPAD Pennemes, located at Zorgcentrum Mennistenerf. This establishment offers an innovative model of care, based on the benefits of a natural environment to improve the daily lives of its residents.

Participants had the opportunity to understand how this individualised approach helps to optimise residents' quality of life, notably through the development of a life and care plan for each resident, detailing specific needs in key areas such as living conditions, mental well-being, physical well-being and health.

This international study mission was an enriching and instructive experience, immersing participants in the cutting edge of healthcare practices for the elderly. This immersion offers a unique opportunity to discover innovative and inspiring models that are redefining the way we approach care for our elders.
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