Manchester: the UK experience in social field

The United Kingdom
Disabled Care
20 delegates
May 2017
From 14th to 20th of May the French Foundation John Bost visited Manchester to learn about the experience of England on the way to solve the problem of disabled people's social adaptation.
The John Bost Foundation cares for people with mental and physical disorders as well as for the elderly, carrying out social adaptation and rehabilitation programs. In order to develop methods of work and improve the quality of the services provided, John Bost employees visit different countries, emulating international experience, adapting it to the conditions of their country and successfully applying them to work with socially unprotected layers of the population.

The Great Britain is one of the countries in which the state policy towards the elderly and disabled people has achieved considerable success, which is also related to the level of general welfare in the country. The Government implements the principles of social policy and exercises financial control by the Ministry of Health, Social Security, Labor, Housing. Also, the state supports a private initiative in the field of social assistance.

During the seminar, the delegation members learned about the organization of the social system in Great Britain by visiting the Manchester City Council. The study tour also included practical visits to the care houses (Glenwood Care Home, Exemplar Health Care) and specialized residences for people with mental disorders (Brookvale, Scotia Heights); visit to the association rendering the integrated social help to invalids and elderly people (Community Integrated Care); attendance at an institution that improves the learning environment for children with developmental problems (Seachell Trust); visit to the organization providing functional technologies to deal with social problems of the disabled and the elderly (North West Assistive Technology).
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