The Swedish social and medical system

Disabled Care
17 delegates
June 2016
The French team from a foundation set off in June to learn more about Swedish professional practices.
Sweden has abundantly demonstrated its exemplary handling of medical and social coordination, particularly when it comes to the disabled, for whom the country passed a law setting out assistance and support services, the LSS.

That's why the French team from a foundation, which itself grapples with such concerns, set off in June to learn more about Swedish professional practices.

Their stay in Sweden focused on the various programs there to support people with mental handicaps, cognitive or autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger syndrome.

Thus, the group visited institutions dedicated to diagnosing these conditions, to providing information, and to supporting patients and their families (namely FUB, the Swedish Disability Federation, the Forum Funktionshinder and the Autism & Aspergerföreningen Stockholms Län).

To further fill in this approach, the participants where guided deep within centres with the mission of socializing the people they benefit (such as the Allhuset/Zenit and the Backlöken Day Centre).

The delegates could also evaluate the accommodation solutions proposed for this type of public in Sweden, through a structure like Micasa AB.

Finally, the team from the foundation was able to evaluate measures for assisting the mentally handicapped into employment by spending time within assisted-work environments in such diverse fields as park maintenance, sports, audiovisual facilities, restoration, and public services.
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