The example of public & private hospitals
in the French Healthcare system

24 delegates
Mai 2013
Delegates from Russia and Kazakhstan learnt about the French healthcare system, with a focus on public hospitals and the organisation of emergency services.
When 24 managers and chief physicians from Russia and Kazakhstan traveled 6,217 kms to Paris, they had in mind the idea they were about to understand more of the French Healthcare system, but few of them did expect to discover medical breakthroughs and opportunities for beneficial partnerships.

Dialog Health organised this trip for executives from public and private hospitals from both the Russian Medical Association and the National Medical Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as part of the close relationship they share.

The delegates' objectives were to learn about the healthcare system in France, with a focus on public hospitals and the organisation of emergency services. They were very much looking forward to the study tour and its outcomes, considering that France is No. 1 in the world on WHO (World Health Organization) rankings for the overall performance of its healthcare system. Kazakhstan ranks 64th, while Russia is a distant 130th. Both countries had things to learn from France.

During the six days of tour, delegates visited the Directorate of Union of Government Hospitals (the Union of public hospitals in France), the Bichat Claude-Bernard Hospital, a government-owned teaching hospital founded in 1882, and 2 private medical institutions - the Foch Hospital and Porte de Saint-Cloud.

During these visits, participants gained insights into the French healthcare system and developed important partnerships aiming to improve healthcare institutions in their own countries.

They learnt about the organisation of emergency services in Paris, which like most of the country, is separately organised from general practitioners, and has a high response rate. They also learnt about the structure and principles of the public and private healthcare institutions, and about the organisation of private healthcare institutions in France, which have some of their costs defrayed by the government, to reduce costs paid by the patient. They had productive talks about the possibility of a Franco-Russian cooperation in the healthcare sector, discovered the latest healthcare technologies implemented in France and discussed about hospital management.
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