An educational journey:
Seniors Care in Sweden
with a focus on Dementia care innovation

May 17 to 22, 2021

About the Study Tour
Life expectancy in Sweden is among the highest in the world: 79.9 years for men and 83.7 years for women. As a consequence, health and social care for the elderly are important parts of Swedish welfare policy. One of the aims of seniors care is to help elderly people live normal, independent lives.

Through our program of visits, discover how Sweden tackles successfully this challenge, being ranked at the very top in a United Nations supported global study, The Global Age Watch Index, which examined the quality of life of the elderly in 91 nations.
Thanks to a proactive public policy, Swedes live longer in good health and at home.
The Nordic model, particularly that of Sweden, is frequently cited as an example, especially on its medical and social side.

Life expectancy in Sweden is among the highest in the world (79.9 years for men and 83.7 years for women) and thanks to a proactive public policy, Swedes live longer in good health and at home.

Municipalities are at the forefront of this success, offering a wide range of services: shopping, meal delivery, health patrols, paratransit service, psychosensory activities, accommodation adaptation.
Housing services are designed to be family-centered and promoting individual life projects. So many sources of inspiration for age care leaders wishing to discover on the ground this approach cited as an example.

Through our program of visits, you will explore strengths and challenges of the Swedish seniors care system - with a focus on dementia care innovation, get an overview of its geriatric pathways and discover innovations in practice. Our study tour will give you the opportunity to find how Sweden's healthcare system tackles successfully the challenge of helping elderly people live normal, independent lives.
Discover innovations in practice in the Swedish high performing health and social care system: comprehensive home care, functioning professional networks, modern facilities, etc.
Focus on innovative Dementia Care, while visiting state-of-the-art care organizations and meeting local executives and experts in the coordination of health and social care, of homes and long term facilities
Discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating care
Take a step out of daily practice to gain inspiration and re-energize
Network with other high level managers and share experience among the international members of the Global Ageing Network
Prepare your mission with a pre-reading package about the Swedish healthcare system and return to your home organization with a portfolio of innovations to put in action
Study tour details
Stockholm, Sweden
6 days, 5 nights
8 professional visits
Aged care professionals
May 17 to 22, 2021
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  • Study tour booklet
  • Full tour report and analysis
  • 5 nights 4* accommodations
  • 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Private bus transportation for the entire trip professional program
  • Private sightseeing tour of Stockholm
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