Barcelona / Spain

Discovering the Spanish hospital-at-home system: focus on Barcelona

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Healthcare
  • 15 delegates
  • March 2023
From 27 to 31 March 2023, Dialog Health and a multidisciplinary team from HAD du Littoral travelled to Barcelona to find out about advances in home hospital treatment in Catalonia.
Setting off early in the morning from Campagne-Lès-Hesdin (North of France), the 15 delegates began their first afternoon at the Catalan Society of Home Hospitalisation. The visit gave the delegates an insight into the workings of the local healthcare system, with contributions from a number of experts, including Dr Xavier Jimenez Moreno (head of the homecare department at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital). They were able to learn about the practices and protocols in force in the field of home hospitalisation in Barcelona. This initial immersion laid the foundations for an in-depth understanding of the system.

On the second day, the delegation visited Hospital Clinic Barcelona, where they were welcomed by David Nicolás Ocejo, the Hospital Clinic Barcelona's homecare coordinator. A presentation of the service and a tour of the facilities provided an insight into the conditions under which patients can receive high-quality care at home, while benefiting from the medical expertise of the Hospital Clinic.

In the afternoon, the delegation was received at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital by Dr. Xavier Jiménez Moreno, head of the homecare department at this renowned hospital. They were able to discuss best practice, challenges and advances in this specific field. The visit deepened their understanding of the medical and organisational aspects of homecare in Catalonia.

On Wednesday 29 March, the delegates travelled to the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, where they met Glòria Bonet Papell, the programme director of the hospital's home care unit. The discussions and activities highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in home hospital care. The delegates were able to appreciate how different medical specialities work together to provide comprehensive and holistic care for patients, promoting their recovery in a comfortable home environment.

On 30 March, the delegation took part in the first day of the Hospital at Home International Congress. Delegates attended conferences on key topics such as telemedicine, hybrid care, remote monitoring, patient eligibility and training for professionals. Testimonies from the four corners of the world (32 countries) provided a global perspective on best practice and innovation in home hospital care.

This study trip was very inspiring for the 15 staff of the HAD du Littoral establishment. Each visit made during the study trip to Barcelona provided valuable lessons and highlighted the strengths of home hospital care. These experiences have certainly inspired the members of HAD du Littoral to consider new approaches and improve the quality of care they offer their patients.
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