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Homecare in The Netherlands

The Netherlands
12 delegates
November 2022
From 16 to 18 November 2022, Dialog Health and a multidisciplinary team from the HAD du Littoral organisation went to the Netherlands to understand the local health system and to rethink hospitalization at home.
Hospitalization and care at home have been strongly developed in the Netherlands since the beginning of the 2000s, following a reform that decentralized part of the health competences to the municipalities. The Dutch health system is based on private health insurance, which has identified the home as the most efficient place for care.

The participants first visited the Bravis Hospital where they were introduced to the local health system. Secondly, they were introduced to the 'positive health' mentality, which is widespread in the Netherlands. This mentality favours the maximum amount of care being provided by the patient or primary care provider. This involves prevention, transparency of health data and test results, and digital literacy.

At the organisational level, the delegates discovered innovative structures, from Buurtzorg, an agency based on the principles of the liberated enterprise. The first teams were set up in 2007 in Amsterdam, based on the model of neighbourhood care, which provided local services at the local level. Buurtzorg operates with independent teams of nurses who work autonomously, supported by a high-performance computerised system.

The third visit was to Zorgspectrum Het Zand, an organisation that provides accommodation, care, treatment and welfare services at six sites in the Zwolle area. The culture and trend in the Netherlands with regard to the ageing of the population is to do everything possible to keep the elderly at home as long as possible. Nevertheless, it is becoming necessary to organise home care where the intervention of carers is facilitated. The organisation represents an innovative and inspiring illustration of the search for a balance between the autonomy of people and the need for care.

The use of new technologies is highly developed in the Netherlands. In The Hague, the delegation visited the IZI connected flat (iZi Experience Home), where elderly people can come and test technologies before purchasing them for their homes. Connected to a research centre, this structure develops a wide range of digital solutions.

The multidisciplinary team ended the training with a list of ideas to implement back in France, and with the desire to go on a study trip to discover other innovative solutions that can be implemented in the field.
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