HAH, networked care and information systems: the Swedish experience.

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • HAH
  • 20 delegates
  • March 2024
From 19 to 22 March 2024, we had the pleasure of accompanying a delegation of 20 medical establishment directors to Sweden, as part of a study mission organised in close collaboration with FEHAP on the subject of home hospitalisation.
This international study mission, co-organised with FEHAP, began on 19 March 2024 with a presentation of the Swedish medico-social system and the homecare initiatives put in place by the municipality of Stockholm.

The following morning, our delegation discovered the famous Karolinska University Hospital, its organisation of home care and its expertise in tele-medicine.

In the afternoon, we had the chance to visit the Capio St Goran hospital, a key player offering home care in Sweden.

To round off this international fact-finding mission, we met Andreas Ranhem, Head of Operations, Eastern Local Healthcare, in the Västmanland region. He gave us an insight into the different facets of home care and home hospitalisation in this region.

In the afternoon, we visited the Sala Närsjukhus Hospital, inaugurated in autumn 2022. With its modern, renovated premises, this hospital offers a forward-looking perspective for healthcare, favouring the working environment and close collaboration between the region and the municipality. Dara Novakovic Stomilovic, unit manager and physiotherapist at the rehabilitation centre, guided us through the collaborative initiatives focusing on home healthcare.

Thanks to FEHAP for its confidence and to all the participants in this study mission.
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