French University Hospitals' European Colloquium

17 participants
July 2021
"University Hospitals in Europe: towards new forms of management to meet new challenges? "
On July 1st, 2021, Dialog Health helped the Conference of French University Hospitals CEOs in the organization of a symposium entitled: "University Hospitals in Europe: Towards new forms of management to meet new challenges? " With seventeen outstanding panelists from five European countries, the technical challenge of these bilingual discussions was met and allowed the sharing of both experiences and best practices in the wake of the challenges of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The three-hour symposium was designed around three round tables:

- The first round table, bringing together Spanish, French and Italian experts for the management of the Covid crisis in Europe and the role of University Hospitals in the various regulatory and cultural contexts.

- The second round table, which included exchanges between German and French managers, provided an opportunity to understand the role of recourse for university hospital teams in times of crisis, and to consider ways to perpetuate this coordination and expertise role in the future.

- The third round table, in which French and Scandinavian managers took part, focused on identifying the limits to inter-University Hospital cooperation in the European Union, and on ways of overcoming the obstacles, from the initial training of health professionals to the implementation of collaborative networks such as the European Alliance of University Hospitals.

The simultaneous translation allowed participants present on site and online to truly share their experience and to exchange by overcoming the language and distance barriers. A successful European experience!

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