Tel Aviv
The Israeli health care system
Tel Aviv, Israel
42 delegates
March 2014
The 42 delegates from Russia and Kazakhstan - the managers and chief physicians of health facilities - attended the study tour held in Tel Aviv, the most populous city in the largest metropolitan area of Israel.
From March 24th through 28th of the year 2014, the managers and chief physicians of health facilities in Russia and Kazakhstan attended the "Health care system in Israel" seminar held in Tel Aviv, the most populous city in the largest metropolitan area of Israel.The 42 delegates from Russia and Kazakhstan including theFirst Deputy Minister ofHealth of the Sakhalin Region and the head of the Department of Health of Pavlodar Region of Kazakhstan, took this study trip with much anticipation of the learning exposition that awaited them. The main target of this joint collaboration was to learn about the structure of the Israeli health system. This collaboration between Russia and Kazakhstan was not the first of its kind as there had been prior study tours to other countries like France.

In terms of efficiency, Israel's health system was ranked fourth in the world in a survey of 48 countries carried out in 2013 and 7th out 51 countries in 2014. In 2015, Israel was ranked sixth-healthiest country in the world and ranked eighth in terms of life expectancy. This makes Israel a choice learning destination for the Russian delegates.

This study tour commenced with a visit to the Medical Center in the city of Rehovot where a presentation describing the Israeli health system was given. Amongst the topics of discussion was the interaction between Health Insurance Fund organizations and the compulsory national insurance in Israel. Here,thedelegates had the opportunity to learn about the structure of medical facilities run by the Clalit Health Insurance Fund, using the Kaplan Medical Center and its affiliates as a case study.

During the educational tour, the participants had the opportunity to visit a total of 3 major hospitals in Israel, including one of the most renowned and prestigious clinical and academic medical centers in the world- the Hadassah Hospital. In each of these hospitals, the participants were treated to a roundtable discussion with leading experts and department staff where they had the chance to discuss major healthcare issues. Detailed presentations by the hospital management on the structure and operation of medical institutions helped the delegates to gauge the level of healthcare development in Israel, which happens to be one of the best in the world.

At the end of the study tour, the participants all received personalized certificates for attending the study tour. They in turn applauded the organizers of the seminar for a highly professional execution of the event. They left with insights and prospects of future partnerships and collaborations in the health sector.

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