Psychiatry in Sweden

16 delegates
November 2019
From 10th to 13th of November 2019, a delegation of 16 members of the Board of Directors of the French Federation of private psychiatric hospitals (FHP-psy) went to Stockholm, Sweden, to discover the choices made in this Nordic country to face the new challenges of the Mental Health Care.
During three days of dense visits, the French directors had a global vision of this system shown as an example across the globe.

The Swedish Association of local administrations and regions (SALAR) has presented the deep restructurations experienced by the Swedish psychiatric sector since the 1970s, with a change from 14,700 hospital beds in 1970 to less than 4,500 beds in 2017. Capability evolution has been accompanied by a transfer of resources from the regions, in charge of hospitals, to the communes that are responsible for primary and home care. These last, after difficulties of adaptation to this specific public, now have a specialized offer like the Rasbo Hov shelter, of the municipality of Uppsala. This structure accommodates 9 patients with unstable psychiatric pathologies for periods of 6 months renewable, during which intensive support is set up to enable them to regain autonomy.

At the Uppsala University Hospital, the delegation discovered a package of care in a state-of-the-art building, combining hospital units with day-care and outpatient care. The offer of electroconvulsive therapy is grouped together in a service organized according to the principle of walking forward, a unique and particularly efficient organization. The presentation of the PAM, the psychiatric mobile unit of the city of Stockholm, is also a source of inspiration for improving the quality of care for patients suffering from mental pathology and for destigmatizing these chronic pathologies.

The discovery of the MandoMeter label, an eating disorder therapy based on cognitive-behavioral methods, was the source of much discussion among participants. The patient experience is also at the heart of Capio Psykiatri's approach, as the quality of care is at the heart of the contracts that bind this private group and the Stockholm region, which is competing every six years.

The French delegates left Sweden with a renewed vision of the Swedish health system and the challenges of deinstitutionalization practices that are often cited as an example for the healthcare system in the world.
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