• USA

  • Healthcare

  • 7 delegates
  • March 2024
From the 10th to the 14th of March 2024, the delegation from UNIHA journeyed to Orlando, USA, to partake in an international study mission held in conjunction with the HIMSS conference. This deep dive into the realm of healthcare innovation offered French healthcare professionals a unique window into the cutting-edge technologies and practices reshaping the industry.

The UNIHA delegation's expedition to the HIMSS 2024 conference in Orlando was a thorough exploration into the forefront of healthcare innovation. Visits to pioneering hospitals combined with dialogues with technological luminaries enriched their understanding of the leaps being made in digital health, artificial intelligence, and data management.

Throughout the study mission, the UNIHA delegation visited two notable hospitals, showcasing the pivotal role of innovation and technology in advancing healthcare. Their first stop at Tampa General Hospital illuminated the successful integration of artificial intelligence within hospital management, offering the delegation an intriguing glimpse into how advanced technologies can revolutionize patient care and daily operations. Particularly, the Care Command Center demonstrated the power of real-time analytics and AI in streamlining workflows and enhancing patient experiences.

The subsequent visit to Nemours Children’s Hospital unveiled a state-of-the-art pediatric facility known for leveraging the latest technologies to deliver specialized care to young patients. Nestled within Lake Nona Medical City, this pediatric hospital epitomizes patient-centric care, utilizing novel technological resources to manage complex pediatric conditions. This experience provided the delegation with inspirational examples of best practices in pediatric care, underscoring the significant impact of technological innovation on children's health outcomes.

The insights gained from visiting Tampa General Hospital and Nemours Children’s Hospital underscored the transformative potential of AI and advanced technologies in enhancing healthcare delivery. These firsthand observations highlighted the opportunities for integrating such breakthroughs into the French healthcare system.

Further enriching their mission, the UNIHA delegation actively engaged with the HIMSS 2024 conference, a globally acclaimed platform for unveiling the latest healthcare innovations. This opportunity allowed them to directly interact with key technological figures and innovators, emphasizing the critical importance of technology in the evolution of healthcare. The interactions at HIMSS offered diverse insights:
  • Orion Health displayed its comprehensive health platform, stressing the vital role of data in refining care.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) illustrated the transformative power of cloud computing in healthcare solution development.
  • Arcadia demonstrated the impact of data-driven actions in accelerating healthcare improvements.
  • DeLorean Artificial Intelligence presented AI solutions aimed at enhancing care efficiency.
  • Capsa Healthcare introduced its innovative mobile and wall-mounted workstations designed to improve patient care.
  • Microsoft revealed the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, showcasing the influence of AI in healthcare.
  • InterSystems discussed the significance of unified data in delivering superior care.
  • BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) explored connected medication management, presenting a comprehensive view of medication logistics.
  • Nividous shared its platform for automating processes end-to-end, highlighting improvements in operational efficiency.
This mission not only served as a platform for learning but also as a catalyst for the proactive adoption of innovations, aiming to tackle the healthcare sector's challenges in France and beyond. Armed with this knowledge, UNIHA members are poised to significantly contribute to the evolution of the French healthcare system, aiming for a marked improvement in care quality and operational efficacy.

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