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Innovative homecare: the experience of Denmark and the Netherlands

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  • Elderly care
  • 8 delegates
  • April 2024
From 8 to 13 April 2024, a delegation from CIUSSS Centre-Sud de l'île de Montréal travelled to Denmark and the Netherlands to learn from the experience of international players in innovative care and technology for the elderly.
From 8 to 13 April 2024, we had the pleasure of accompanying a Quebec delegation, made up of several managers from CIUSSS Centre-Sud de l'île de Montréal, on a study mission focusing on innovative homecare models in Europe.

The study visit began with a meeting with the Municipality of Aarhus (Denmark's second largest city) and a look at its state-of-the-art homecare system.

The second day of this international study visit took us on a tour of DokkX and the Aarhus municipal health and care service.

Visit #1: DokkX
DokkX, funded by Aarhus City Council, is much more than just a place. The "X" in DokkX embodies the unknown, experience, and even with a little imagination, an active human being. It's where people come to seek advice from innovators in homecare technology to embrace an independent and active life. It's a veritable hotbed of innovation, where educational establishments, businesses, local authorities and the general public come together to develop technological solutions for the future.

Visit #2: Municipality of Aarhus
We had the honour of talking to Peter Graabæk, head of the e-Team, as well as a passionate carer, about the essential work in retirement homes and home care. It was a discussion that illuminated our understanding and inspired our perspectives.

The following day, we were welcomed by the Netherlands Healthcare Institute, and today found ourselves at the heart of a reflection on the accessibility of healthcare in the Netherlands and how to improve it.

On the fourth day, we had the chance to meet two major Dutch institutions:

Visit #3: Vilans
We had the honour of visiting Vilans, the national centre of expertise for long-term care in the Netherlands. Vilans stands out for its commitment to innovation, research, development, dissemination and implementation of best practice in this field. Vilans works closely with a multitude of partners, from professionals to local, provincial, national and European authorities, to continually improve home care. Its expertise is recognised through its large-scale national programmes, its involvement in EU projects, and its ability to transform care organisations to make them more sustainable and efficient.

Visit #4: Home Instead
We then met Home Instead Thuisservice, a provider of home care services for the elderly. Since its foundation in 2011, Home Instead has grown to meet the varied needs of older people, now offering a wide range of quality services, including for people with dementia.

To round off this fact-finding mission, we discovered the following two institutions:

Visit #5: IZI Home Experience
We had the opportunity to discover the incredible iZi Home, located in The Hague, where more than 90 intelligent tools are on display, making daily life safer and easier for everyone. From smart doorbells to care robots to retractable kitchen worktops, these innovations offer an improved quality of life, particularly valuable for the elderly or those who have difficulty completing daily tasks.

Visit #6: Buurtzorg
We ended this study visit with Buurtzorg, a homecare organisation that embodies a revolutionary and humane approach to healthcare. Founded by nurse Jos de Blok in 2006, Buurtzorg now has 1,000 teams in the Netherlands and is expanding in a number of countries, including France and Canada. Buurtzorg's fundamental principles, based on trust, responsibility and team autonomy, have been an invaluable source of inspiration for us all. Their holistic and social approach to care, as well as their commitment to quality and patient satisfaction, are shining examples in the healthcare sector.

Many thanks to CIUSSS-Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal for their trust, and to everyone involved.
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