Web Training : inclusive housing in the health and medico-social sector
22 delegates
November 2022
On 18 November 2022, Dialog Health invited several international experts from the health and medico-social sector for a web training on the theme of inclusive housing.
Orchestrated by Fany Cérèse, architect and programmer at the AA workshop, this digital training session highlighted the importance of the living environment in supporting people who are ageing or in a disability situation.

Two French structures first gave their testimony. The Maison des Cultures presented different innovative shared housing solutions. The John Bost Foundation introduced the Village des Gâtines: a group of structures serving the most fragile people.

In the second part of the conference, two international case studies were presented. Cia Bergstrom, head of the department of housing with special services for adults, presented the many initiatives implemented by the municipality of Hägersten-Älvsjö in terms of inclusion for people with disabilities. The second international example focused on the Leben Lernen project, an emblematic de-institutionalisation initiative in the form of shared accommodation for people living with severe autism.

With the aim of creating links between the participants, the web training ended with a time of collaborative exchange around good practices and advice to implement the models discussed within one's own structure.
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