Bilbao and Barcelona / Spain

Study mission: discover other places of care, life and meaning.

  • Spain (Bilbao and Barcelona)
  • Handicap
  • 21 delegates
  • March 2023
From March 27 to April 1, 2023, 21 medical and social professionals from the John Bost Foundation traveled to Spain to discover the local expertise in autism spectrum disorder care.
In close collaboration with the John Bost Foundation, 21 delegates traveled to Spain to learn about local expertise in autism spectrum disorder care.

On the first day, our delegation had the honor of meeting Ms. Amaia Lopetegui, director of the Gautena association. A meeting at the peak of sharing, exchange and continuous training, in the heart of the Basque Country.

The next day, the leitmotiv of this second day of international study mission in Bilbao was "100% capable"! The professional visits of Lantegi Batuak and APNABI Autismo Bizkaia allowed us to discover innovative models of inclusion for people with autism spectrum disorders. What is the common denominator between an avant-garde sheltered work company and an association of more than 1,500 families, unveiling a new 100% sustainable and fun activity center? It is, above all, the development of each person's life projects, allowing the inclusion of each person as a full citizen.

Wednesday, the first day in Barcelona for the John BOST Foundation delegation, was punctuated by several visits to the summit of inclusion. First, at Specialisterne, a talent development company for people with autism spectrum disorders. After a presentation of the different services offered by the company, the participants were able to understand the reality of the field by visiting the famous Casa Batlo, a partner of Specialisterne and a true example of an inclusive policy with 80% of people with autism spectrum disorders.

For the second day of the study mission in the Catalan capital, our delegation composed of professionals from the John BOST Foundation went to discover the Catalan Federation of Autism. Marta Campo and her team presented the unique structure of the Mas Casadevall Autism Foundation, a place of life and sharing offering many playful equipments such as an educational farm, a swimming pool or a simulation room with a water bed!
In the afternoon, the delegates met the management team of Pas a Pas autisme, a home for autistic children aged 24 months to 16 years.
To close this day, a debriefing of the good practices discovered during the day was conducted by Fany Cérèse and Ankel Cérèse from Atelier AA - Architecture humaine, an architectural studio specialized in the co-design of medico-social structures.

The last day of the study mission was very colorful, with singular places by their architecture but gathered around the same objective: the blooming of their users presenting autism spectrum disorders or other neurological pathologies.
The Autism la Garriga center is astonishing for its idyllic natural environment and its playful activities such as the making of fine stationery, while the Guttmann Institute unveils the best of rehabilitation devices for people with neurological disorders: home automation, rehabilitation equipment and staff trained in the latest techniques for the care of users.
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