The German experience: logistical innovations at Munich University Hospital
  • Germany (Munich)
  • Health
  • 11 delegates
  • June 2023
From 5 to 6 June 2023, our 11-member delegation from Nantes University Hospital flew to Germany to find out how the hospital teams in Munich anticipated and implemented the merger of several operating teams in their shared site of more than 40 rooms, with a focus on the logistical solutions found for the movement of patients, professionals and all equipment flows.
From 5 to 6 June 2023, our delegation had the privilege of discovering the Munich University Hospital, or LMU Klinikum München, one of Germany's most avant-garde establishments, which treats 500,000 patients every year at its two main sites.

The afternoon of Monday 5 June was given over to a meeting and a full tour of the shared operating theatre at Munich University Hospital. This innovative surgical centre comprises 36 operating theatres, including 4 hybrid theatres, an outpatient surgery centre, intensive care units, a central emergency room, a sterilisation unit, a central shop and administrative areas.

The delegation from the University Hospital of Nantes had the opportunity to talk with German professionals to understand the structure and organisational challenges of the operating theatre.

Tuesday 6 June was devoted to a three-part tour of the operating theatre.

The morning began with an exploration of the arrival of the first patients, management of the growing activity in the operating theatre and scheduling. A discussion with a French-speaking professional gave us a good understanding of how things work, particularly the organisation of anaesthesia.

The visit then focused on logistics circuits, sterilisation operations and the management of sterile medical devices.

Finally, the operation of the outpatient surgery unit was highlighted, with a full exploration of the outpatient pathway, from reception to discharge.

The day ended with a debriefing with professionals from the shared operating theatre, to share impressions and lessons learned from the visits.

All in all, the two days of visits provided a valuable opportunity to observe and learn from exemplary practices and structures in the Munich University Hospital operating theatre, encouraging exchanges and collaboration between healthcare professionals.
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