Medical Innovations in the US: MAYO Clinic

The United States
14 delegates
April 2017
A study tour on Healthcare Innovations in Silicon Valley, in partnership with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.
The study tour "Medical Innovations in the United States: the Mayo Clinic experience" was held in Miami and Jacksonville from the 24th to 30th of April for the delegation from Russia and Kazakhstan.

The US health system is one of the largest and the most complex in the world. Total health expenditure in the US is more than $ 3.5 trillion a year, with an average of more than $20,000 per year spent on providing families of four with medical help.

South Florida and its coast are not only a delightful resort area, famous for the grandiose shows, festivals, casinos and entertainment centers, but also the place where the best clinics of America are gathered.

Miami has a wide range of medical services, from general medical research to specialized professional care. People from Europe and Russia come here in order to find specialized medical support and high-quality and high-tech generic services. Treatment in Miami is perfectly combined with healthy rest and healing climate. The world's best doctors gladly accept the invitation to work in modern and perfectly equipped clinics in Miami.

As for Jacksonville, it is impossible to talk about the city with not saying a few words about the Mayo Clinic, which is a peculiar spot of the city. Opened in April 2008, the clinic provides patients with in-patient and outpatient services.

During the trip, the participants of the study tour could get acquainted with the US healthcare system by the example of the following medical organizations and educational centers:

Public Hospitals and Medical Centers: Kendall Hospital and Medical Center & Miami Medical Center

Academic and Educational Hospitals: Mayo Clinic & University of Florida Health

Children's Hospital: Nicklaus Children's Hospital

Training Simulation Centers: UF Health Simulation Center & Broward College Simulation Center

Therapeutic technologies were presented in UF Health Proton Therapy

During the seminar, the group from Kazakhstan and Russia had a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the current trends in the medical field, as well as understand the overall context of the work of the US medical institutions.
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