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Aged Care: the experience of UK
  • UK
  • Aged Care
  • 8 delegates
  • August 2023
This program was designed to provide a professional insight into the delivery of care and services to UK citizens, and British models of Seniors Care and housing. The focus was to investigate the delivery of care services to older people and senior citizens living in the United Kingdom.

From August 27th to September 8th, a delegation of 8 executives from Australia embarked on the SAGE UK 2023 study tour, seeking fresh insights into care delivery for their organisations.

This program was specifically designed to offer professional insights into providing care and services to UK citizens, with a particular focus on British models of Seniors Care and housing. The primary objective of the tour was to investigate how care services are delivered to older people and senior citizens living in the United Kingdom.

Over the span of 8 days, the delegates visited ten different facilities in the London area, all owned and operated by various organisations. Each day was dedicated to a different theme, ranging from integrated communities to memory care. These visits were carefully chosen for their excellence, providing a comprehensive understanding of elderly care in the UK.

During the study program, the delegation visited both public and private organisations, offering insights from regional and national perspectives. These organisations not only showcased successful commercial models in the field but also provided an overview of the current elderly care system in the UK.

Given the global trend of an aging population, Australia is no exception, and it is crucial to explore different approaches to meet the challenges of the future.

On the evening of Wednesday, September 30th, Person Centred Software (PCS) and the National Care Forum (NCF) welcomed the Australian SAGE Delegation at Lord's Cricket Ground to discuss and exchange best practice strategies in Adult Social Care in the UK and residential aged care in Australia, which could be adapted as needed.

Continuing their exploration in the London area, SAGE delegates also ventured to Glasgow, Scotland, to participate in the Global Ageing Network Conference 2023, held from September 6th to 8th, 2023. This international gathering brought together experts, professionals, and advocates in the field of aging and eldercare from around the world to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Jiri Horecky (Chair of Global Ageing Network), Professor Vic Rayner (CEO of National Care Forum), and Dr. Donald Macaskill (CEO of Scottish Care) warmly welcomed participants, contributing their expertise and commitment to advancing eldercare regionally and globally.

The program offered an ideal platform for information sharing and education, enabling participants to explore and exchange international experiences. The UK study program provided an opportunity to build enduring professional relationships, both internationally and domestically, facilitating increased dialogue among industry professionals about the future of our field and offering new perspectives on aged care to bring back home.
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