International Conference: Samsung Medical Center
  • France
  • Healthcare
  • 80 delegates
  • January 2024
Wednesday, January 24, and Thursday, January 25, marked the 3rd session of the International Meetings conference, organized in collaboration with CNEH - National Center for Hospital Expertise, highlighting the experts from the Samsung Medical Center.
The International Meetings of the National Center for Hospital Expertise (CNEH) provided a platform where South Korean experts shared their expertise for two days, offering insights to propel French healthcare institutions into the era of Medicine 2.0. Following the footsteps of the Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente in the United States, the Samsung Medical Center took center stage, revealing its complete transformation and providing an inspiring roadmap for the future of medical care.

At the heart of the discussions were digital solutions, artificial intelligence, logistics robots, and many others, allowing the SMC to redefine the excellence of medical care.

The conference began on Wednesday, January 24, with an address by Professor Wonchul Cha - Director of the Digital Innovation Center at the Samsung Medical Center. He introduced the future strategy and unveiled the development of the 5 DX platforms, aligned with the strategy of the 7 innovations, providing an overview of future trends in healthcare.

Discussions continued in the afternoon with the Vice President of the organization, Sun Woo Jeong. He delved into the topic of virtual platforms with Meta and the robotic revolution linked to an integrated robotic operation platform. Participants discovered how technology can optimize every aspect of hospital operations.

The second day started with Mrs. Ihn Seon Lee - Team Leader of Clinical Management and the support team, and an experienced nurse at the Samsung Medical Center, exploring data with the data-driven operation platform and discussing operational innovations. These sessions highlighted how technology can transform clinical processes for more precise and efficient care delivery.

Professor Cha then spoke about artificial intelligence in the medical sector, delving into the 7 innovations that propelled the SMC to the top of global medical innovation.

The event concluded with Jean Hyoung Lee - Head of Information Technology Infrastructure - exploring the intelligent workflow platform and medical and service innovations, showing how technology can improve information management and personalize care delivery.

These two enriching days not only allowed participants to explore the success story of the Samsung Medical Center but also opened doors to a future where technology will radically transform the delivery of medical care.
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