Health study trip to Seoul:
A dive into the heart of medical excellence

  • South Korea
  • Healthcare
  • 13 delegates
  • October 2023
Medical excellence in Seoul: A look back at a study trip full of discoveries
The dynamic South Korean capital, Seoul, has long been recognised for its advances in healthcare. Guided by, a delegation of Georgian hospital directors embarked on a unique fact-finding mission to explore this world-renowned healthcare system.

On their first day, the delegation immersed themselves in the country's healthcare ecosystem by meeting representatives of the NHIS, the cornerstone of South Korea's universal healthcare system. This introduction was rounded off by enriching exchanges with the HIRA agency, which guarantees the efficiency and transparency of medical services.

But that was only the beginning. Visits to Myongji Hospital, a pioneer in medicine since 1987, and Samsung Medical Center, ranked among the best hospitals in the world, highlighted South Korea's unwavering commitment to medical innovation and quality care.

The explorations continued with the ASAN Medical Center, Korea's largest hospital, and the CAN DO at Seoul Children's Hospital, eloquent examples of South Korean medical excellence.

Each stage of this journey has been a source of inspiration, underlining the importance of international collaboration in moving towards a brighter medical future. These discoveries reinforce the conviction that together, through exchange and mutual learning, we can build a world of better healthcare for all.
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