Tokyo / Japan

Supporting the elderly: the Japanese experience.

  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • Age care
  • 30 delegates
  • March 2023
From 3 to 10 March 2023, our delegation, made up of 30 French, Swiss and Belgian medico-social managers, flew to Tokyo as part of this international study mission (organized by Dialog Health in cooperation with FEHAP) in order to discover new technologies and inclusive dynamics in the field of elderly care.
Composed of 30 French, Swiss and Belgian medico-social managers, our delegation began its international study mission (organized by Dialog Health in cooperation with FEHAP) with a seminar dedicated to the Japanese health and cultural context at the French Embassy in Japan.

Once this was done, the various learners, specialized in the accompaniment of the elderly, discovered the Sompo International Care Lab and Tokushimaru, an innovative company offering a real mobile supermarket mainly for old people who do not have a supermarket in their neighbourhood or who find it difficult to go shopping on their own due to age-related leg weakness.

On the second day, our team of international learners went to Sawarabi, a medical and social village dedicated to the well-being of the elderly. This day was a unique opportunity to discover a different approach based on "developing the skills of each individual for the benefit of all"!

The next morning, the delegation went to meet Aoi Care, a place for people with severe cognitive disorders, including a shared flat, a day care centre, third places and professionals who can come with their children. In the afternoon, the participants discovered the Shonan Robo Care Center, a futuristic institute that develops exoskeletons to facilitate the functional autonomy of the elderly.

On Thursday 9 March, the delegation of medico-social directors met the management team of Medagricare and Shizukaso.

Friday 10 March marked the end of the study mission organized by Dialog Health, in partnership with FEHAP, in Tokyo. To close this last day in style, this international delegation put the innovations discovered during this professional trip into perspective during a debriefing session orchestrated by Fany Cérèse, an architect specializing in inclusive housing within the Atelier AA - Human Architecture.
After a sparkling brainstorming on the themes of care for the elderly in the premises of the France-Japan Chamber of Commerce, researcher Aki Yoshida introduced the next visit: the Dawn Avatar Café. Our delegation was welcomed by Ory Hime, the robot born from the imagination of visionary inventor Kentaro Yoshifuji! The lunch break, in the company of robot servers remotely controlled by hospital patients, was punctuated by an exciting presentation of the futuristic and medico-social company OryLab. A unique example of inclusion through technology, as moving as it is avant-garde.
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