Webconference: gerontological technology ecosystems in Europe
63 delegates
November 2022
On 25 November 2022, Dialog Health was pleased to digitally host more than 63 participants from Hong Kong and several international experts during a web conference dedicated to the most innovative gerontological technology ecosystems in Europe.
At the end of November 2022, Dialog Health was pleased to bring together more than 63 Hong Kong participants and several international experts for an online conference on the theme of Europe's most innovative gerontological technology ecosystems.

The web conference firstly highlighted the original model of iZi Experience Home, a community-based gerontological ecosystem in The Hague.

Secondly, the participants were able to measure the importance of the French model in terms of innovation for the elderly through the meeting of several key structures of the silver economy: Fédésap, SilverEco.org and Silver Valley, as well as the innovative initiatives of Legrand Care and VA2CS.

Dialog Health would like to thank all the participants and speakers who took part in this 100% online training: Nicole Menke, Frank Nataf, Jérôme Pigniez and Maeve Soulas.

This digital training reinforced the international vision of the members of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) on best practices and innovations in the fields of care for the elderly, ageing in place and technologies for the elderly.

It also showed how internationally renowned practices, policies and solutions in these areas are being implemented by expert organisations in Europe.
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