April 30th - May 7th, 2023

Walking the Talk for Dementia

Healthcare professionals, people with dementia and advocates from several countries are coming together for an illuminating and exciting experience.

We are walking to show that Alzheimer's is not the end
A first multidisciplinary experience of its kind around living with dementia diagnosis, mixing...
4-days Camino walk
A symbolic 30 miles walk on the world's most famous pilgrimage: Santiago de Compostela
2-days Conference
A scientific symposium with real and unforgettable stories told in first person
1-hour Documentary
A documentary to de-stigmatize dementia featuring this special event and attendees
We need to talk, but also stand on each other's shoes!
A dementia diagnosis today is a major challenge for the person experiencing it, for the physician providing care, for the researcher studying effective treatments, for family associations and healthcare systems exploring innovative care solutions, and for all of us as a society, since the incidence of cases is escalating and any one of us could be tomorrow's caregivers.

The aging population and new social structures are transforming dementia care models globally.

Those directly affected want an earlier diagnosis, more time to decide how to be cared for, and more treatment options.

All of us as a community need to adapt to improve quality of life, independence and inclusion, and that starts by talking about the issue in a broad and open way.
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About us
  • Fernando Aguzzoli-Peres
    "I was a teenager when I dropped out of college and work to take care of my grandmother with Alzheimer's. Since then, I have launched books and YouTube channels telling the world about our adventures together. She changed my life, now I want to change other families experience too!"
  • Dr Clara Dominguez Vivero
    "I have been working with dementia patients in Compostela for years now, but my focus remains the same: develop non-pharmacological interventions for patients and support for families. Without this comprehensive approach, it is very unlikely to provide the assistance that is needed."
  • Gustavo San Martin
    "After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, my goal has been to make life easier for people living with a chronic disease. To be able to hold an event with this purpose is special not only considering my personal challenge, but for combining my grandmother's diagnosis, Alzheimer's, and her strong roots from Galicia."
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